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The website of the General Department for Culture - Institución Príncipe de Viana is working to become a practical communication channel that is accessible to everyone.

For this reason, the design and programming are directed at simplicity, with a view to ensuring ease of access to the information and services offered, including for the disabled.

A design of this type will also increase usability and, therefore, all users will benefit from this.

At the same time as new content is included that meets these criteria, content that has already been published is being reviewed and improved. It is therefore possible to find different usability and accessibility compliance levels.

Compatibility with standards

This website has been designed and programmed following the guidelines of the WAI (Web Accessibility Initiative,, which sets international standards for the creation of web content that is accessible to everyone.

  • HTML 5
  • CSS
  • WAI-AA

Improvements in usability and accessibility

A range of measures have been adopted to make the website more accessible, including:

  • Simplified browsing system.
  • Coherent and consistent browsing and visual structure throughout the website.
  • Breadcrumb trails.
  • Text describing the images.

Elastic design

The website’s layout has been changed so that users can adapt not only the text but the entire website to the desired size. Users can increase or decrease the display size as follows:

  • using the keyboard: Internet Explorer: press the CTRL key and roll the mouse wheel up or down.
  • Netscape, Mozilla:
    press CTRL and '+' to increase
    press CTRL and '-' to decrease
  • using your browser menu: Go to "View" > "Text Size".


Most of the links whose text does not fully describe the linked resource have title attributes and an explanatory text.

Whenever possible, links are written to make sense out of context. Some browsers (such as JAWS, Home Page Reader, Lynx and Opera) allow users to extract the list of links from the current page and browse from the list. Taking this into account, links have not been duplicated and, if they are, it is because they access the same content.

Javascript pseudo-links are not used. All links can be followed with any browser even if Javascript is disabled.


If you have any difficulties accessing or viewing the information on this portal, or if you consider accessibility could be improved in any way, please send your suggestions to

Latest revision: 25/05/2016.