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TRANSports. From transport to sport

Royal and General Archive of Navarre

06/06/2019 - 09/01/2019

An exhibition conceived within the framework of the collaboration that commenced in 2016 between the Archive of Navarre and the Archive of the department of the Atlantic Pyrenees, directed at implementing cultural mediation initiatives for the dissemination and valorization of the documentary heritage held in the archives. In 2018, the scope was extended to other adjoining territories with an invitation to the Archive Service of the Regional Council of Guipúzcoa, to the Archive and Film Library of the Provincial Council of Huesca and to the Provincial Historical Archive of Huesca. In this way, the initiative took on the shape of a tour, so that the exhibition will be present in different territories in the course of 2019.

With the suggestive title of TRANSports, the idea was to reflect the evolution of some of the means of transport in the movement from the 19th to 20th centuries, when they became sports disciplines. A transformation that started from human traction, animal traction and mechanical traction to give rise to the eight sports included in the exhibition: athletics, mountaineering, rowing, skiing, cycling, horse riding, motor racing and aviation.

The Royal and General Archive of Navarre has collaborated in the preparation of the texts for the aviation and cycling sports, contributing with reproductions of a number of documents that have been included in the other panels, and has assumed the tasks of general coordination of the tests and their harmonisation for presentation in the panels and catalogue documenting the exhibition.

Among the documentation provided by Navarra, particular mention should be made of a set of photos showing, for example, the Altsasu / Alsasua corridors around 1905 (sourced from the Miguel Echagüe fond) that of the winner of a run on arrival at the goal in Plaza del Castillo square in Pamplona / Iruña in 1933, that of an aircraft pilot in the aviation festival in San Fermín 1930, that of the Style team in the VII Cycle Tour of the Basque Country in 1930 (all three sourced from the Galle fond) or that of a trip by Alberto Oficialdegui and other priests to the Peña de los Canteros (Crag of the Stonemasons) in the Sierra de Sarbil between 1920 and 1940 (sourced from the Alberto Oficaldegui fond).