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Navarrese Sound Archive

Navarrese musical heritage recording project

On September 11, 2020, the first joint sound recording project of the Baluarte Foundation and the Royal and General Archive of Navarre was unveiled. This first collaboration between both institutions of the Government of Navarre emerged with a twofold commitment: to the recovery and preservation of Navarre's musical heritage, and to the defence and dissemination of the Autonomous Community’s artistic heritage.

The different sound recordings arising from the project have been incorporated into the Music and Performing Arts Archive of Navarre (AMAEN) program as a collection of particular importance. For this program, the contribution constitutes a qualitative leap of enormous importance, given its significance in terms of a legacy, the memory, the research and the long-term dissemination of Navarrese music.

This project embodies the first institutional collaboration between the Baluarte Foundation and the Royal and General Archive of Navarre, which will continue into the future. Its scope and mission make it a milestone in the history of Spanish and Navarrese sound recording.

The recording sessions of the first phase took place between September 14 and 25 in the studios of the Baluarte, the Conference Centre and the Navarre Auditorium. The ambitious repertoire of this first set of recordings has been carefully selected with the aim of tracing the widest possible historical arc within Navarrese music and representing a variety of musical genres and forms. Indeed, it ranges from baroque choral works to newly created symphonic compositions.

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