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The Navarrese Sound Archive is deployed with 29 open access compositions of Navarrese musical heritage

The Navarrese Sound Archive is deployed with 29 open access compositions of Navarrese musical heritage
Impromptu para arpa, by Jesús García Leoz

This Thursday, the Directorate-General for Culture-Príncipe de Viana Institution and the Baluarte Foundation presented a project that initiated with the recording of 29 works from the musical heritage of the Autonomous Community of Navarre. The recordings, executed by prominent Navarrese composers and performers, can be accessed by all free of charge at the Navarrese Sound Archive, hosted on the website of the Navarre Music and Performing Arts Archive.

“It is one of the most brilliant works of the current Navarrese music scene, geared towards the recovery, conservation and dissemination of musical heritage, while also giving visibility to its main composers and performers," said managers of the Archives and Documentary Heritage Service.

With respect to musical legacy and memory, these recordings constitute "a significant qualitative leap of enormous importance for the knowledge and research of Navarrese music", they explained. "It can be said that, owing to its size and objectives, the project constitutes a milestone in Spanish sound recording”.

The first repertoire of recordings was presented by the Príncipe de Viana's general manager of Culture, Ignacio Apezteguía, the manager of the Archives and Documentary Heritage Service, Joaquim Llansó, and the managing director of the Baluarte Foundation, María Antonia Rodríguez.

“They are works from carefully selected Navarrese composers which represent the wide variety of genres and musical forms existing in Navarre from the seventeenth century to the present, ranging from baroque choral works to a newly created symphonic composition", they remarked.

The recordings were performed in Baluarte between September 14 and 25, 2020.

The Navarrese Sound Archive

The recordings are available to all with open and free access on the website of the Navarre Music and Performing Arts Archive in a dedicated section called Navarrese Sound Archive. Each recording can be accessed via the corresponding link and played in high quality mp3 format.

The Sound Archive is available in four languages (Spanish, Basque, English and French). Its structure is organised by centuries and composers, which are assigned as per the characteristics of their works.

A general index also exists to complement the above information, simplifying navigation between the different links and allowing an overview of all available recordings.

Finally, in addition to the link to the recording and the performance date, each composition includes biographical information on the author that is adapted to the specific context of the work's creation, as well as the performers who participated in the recording.

Pairing past and present

The recording program of Navarrese musical heritage started with a selection of twenty-nine works by eighteen Navarrese composers. Those composers are:  Bernardo de Peralta (deceased in 1617), José de Cáseda (1660-1725), Simón de Araya (1676-1738), Fernando de Acuña (1690-1754), Andrés de Escaregui (1711-1773), Juan María Guelbenzu (1818-1886), Emilio Arrieta (1821-1894), Joaquín Gaztambide (1822-1870), Dámaso Zabalza (1835-1894), Felipe Gorriti (1839-1896), Buenaventura Íñiguez (1840-1902), Pablo Sarasate (1844-1908), Agustín Pérez Soriano (1846-1907), Joaquín Larregla (1865-1945), Emiliana de Zubeldía (1888-1987), Jesús García Leoz (1904-1953), Lorenzo Ondarra (1931-2012) and Koldo Pastor.

The recordings were executed with prominent performers, such as Jorge Robaina and Rinaldo Zhok (piano), Andrea Jiménez (soprano) and Alicia Griffiths (harp), and institutions such as the Navarre Symphony Orchestra, directed by Manuel Hernández-Silva, the Orfeón Pamplonés, directed by Igor Ijurra, and the Coral de Cámara de Pamplona, directed by David Gálvez.

Planned recordings in 2021

The Baluarte Foundation and Navarre Archive have agreed to continue the programme to record Navarre’s musical heritage in 2021. As per the program, the Navarre Symphony Orchestra, directed by Jesús Echeverría, will perform the works El canto de Atenea by Teresa Catalán (a complete unveiling of the work commissioned by the Baluarte Foundation to the composer), and Arravan. Fantasía para orquesta, by Jesús Echeverría.

In addition, the Navarre Symphony Orchestra and the Orfeón Pamplonés will jointly perform the composition Tripticum by Lorenzo Ondarra (1931-2012) and the Himno de Navarra (Valentín Ruiz version).

The program also includes the recording of six string trios by José Castel (1737-1807), performed by string soloists of the Navarre Symphony Orchestra, and compositions by Emilio Arrieta (1821-1894), by the performers Sonia de Munk (soprano) and Miguel Huertas (piano).

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