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Tre stanzie in una sonata

Jorge Robaina

This Sonata in three stanzas is a composition based on the theories of Augusto Novaro and the Natural System of Music. The three stanzas to which the title refers are its three movements: Allegro, Lento and Piú Vivo. Augusto Novaro performed research into the acoustics, tuning and sound quality of musical instruments. As a method of testing his hypothesis, he sought a "correct tuning" justified on purely scientific grounds. Based on these theories, Emiliana de Zubeldía premiered the work Tre stanzie in una sonata at the musical gatherings that Novaro organised at his house in Tacubaya, which were attended by poets, writers, scientists and musicians.

Recording date

14 to 18 September 2020.


Jorge Robaina

He was born in Las Palmas of Gran Canaria, where he began his musical studies. At 15, he moved to Vienna to complete his training at the State Conservatory. He won several music competitions, such as the Pegasus prize, the Bosendorfer grant in Vienna, the Coleman in Santiago de Compostela, Musical Youth in Spain, and twice the prize for best accompanying pianist from the Jacinto Guerrero Foundation. As a soloist he has collaborated with the Asturias Symphony Orchestra, the Gran Canaria Philharmonic Orchestra, the Tenerife Symphony Orchestra, the City of Oviedo Symphony Orchestra, the Córdoba Orchestra, the National Orchestra of Spain, the RTVE Orchestra, the Polish RTV Orchestra, the Murcia Region Orchestra, the Hungarian Chamber Orchestra, and the Vienna Mozart Orchestra, among others.

He won the Ritmo magazine award for his album of piano music by Guridi and Padre Donostia. His second solo album focused on the work of Spanish composers from the second republic. He made the first world recordings of Falcón-Sanabria's Concierto para piano, Carmelo Bernaola's Nostálgico para piano y orquesta, and, together with Marta Zabaleta, the Concierto para dos pianos y gran orquesta by Ángel Martín Pompey. He is currently a Professor of Vocal Repertoire at the Escuela Superior de Canto in Madrid, also teaching courses in singing elsewhere in Spain and the United States.


Stanza 1

Stanza 2

Stanza 3